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Mac için Softpedia, cnet ve Apple‘ın resmi sitesi hariç en çok beğenilen, incelenmiş ve oylanmış tüm ücretsiz Mac yazılımlarına ulaşabileceğiniz harika bir listeye aşağıdan ulaşabileceksiniz.

Eğer oyun, uygulama, açık kaynak yazılım arıyorsanız, bu sitelerden birine uğrayabilirsiniz.


MacUpdate lists both free and paid applications, but if you’re only in it for the free stuff, you can easily filter your search results to include free apps only. Updated on a daily basis, MacUpdate features only the best in Mac software, with all applications rated and reviewed before being added to the site.

mac freeware


AppDonkey features a list of over 1,000 completely free Mac apps. Search for what you want or browse by category. AppDonkey makes it easy to download several apps at once by selecting all of the apps you want, and getting them onto your computer at the click of a button.


FreeMacApps features over 400 Mac freeware applications, with a very easy to navigate and clean appearance. Links on the site lead to the original sites, so you can’t download directly from FreeMacApps. Browse apps by category or perform a search to find exactly what you’re looking for.


FreeMacWare can seem a little unwieldy at first glance, but there’s a wealth of great Mac resources to be found in the site. The site is updated on a daily basis, with brief reviews accompanying a link to the software’s originating site and a download link. They also have a dashboard widget displaying the 10 latest additions to the site.


Bodega is an app store of sorts for Mac software. Download the app to gain access to a world of great Mac apps, but if you’re looking only for free software, you’re going to have to filter through paid apps as well to find what you’re looking for. They do have a list of the top free apps, as well as the latest Mac software related posts on Mac blogs.

Download Free Mac Games

Download Free Mac Games is a great site to do just that – download free Mac games. Browse the list of games by category or simply take a look at everything that’s on offer.


Wikipedia is usually a great source of lists of all kinds of software. And of course, Mac software is no exception. The list, divided into categories, is not limited to free apps only, so you’ll have to go through them one by one to find the free ones which is less than ideal, but the list is a greet way of finding software you never knew you needed.

Free Download a Day

Free Download a Day is not exclusively a Mac software site, featuring freeware for Windows and Linux as well. That said, it’s updated on a daily basis with great in-depth reviews, so it’s always good to keep an eye on it for new Mac apps.

Free Mac App a Day

Free Mac App a Day has undergone some changes and is now known as AppExhibit. The latest reviews on the site are of paid apps, but you can still access the entire archive of free app reviews that were posted before the revamp.

Open Source Mac

If you’re looking for Open Source software, the best place for Mac users is Open Source Mac. It may not be a very long list, but all of the applications listed are as free as they get. The apps are listed by category.

Macintosh Garden

Macintosh Garden is a unique Mac software repository. All of the applications listed have been abandoned. Don’t expect any updated software but rather, find some of your favorite classic games as well as a list of abandoned applications.

mac freeware